The Next Voice You Hear …

The next voice you hear will tell you something about the NFL coaching search that will be completely true. Maybe. And false, probably. Or some combination of both. There is so much Spy vs. Spy reporting going on that the lonely voice of youth no longer asks what is truth. It just asks for quiet. Two reports the other day — one from Philadelphia and one from Arizona — had Andy Reid 95 percent locked into the Cardinals job. So today the big story is that he is interviewing with the Kansas City Chiefs, who may have the inside track. Last night, former Bears coach Lovie Smith was going to have no interviews until next week. Except he has at least one now, with Buffalo. Scott Pioli is out as Kansas City’s general manager, unless he is in. That’s just a sample. … I’ve been in on this before, and it’s smoke, mirrors and manipulation, and some unfortunate chest-beating by some reporters. In Philly, one reporter wants to know why others aren’t keeping up with his Reid-to-KC scoop. He’s the one who had Reid signed, sealed and delivered to Arizona the other day. Do you want to be first and wrong? Remember the 19th century politician Henry Clay, who said: “I’d rather be right than President.” I don’t recall the issue, or whether he was right, but he stood on principle and there was no President Clay (though plenty of them had feet of clay). Teams will hire when they hire, will interview whom they choose, and do it with as much stealth as possible (except when they don’t). Until then, we’re looking at half-developed pictures and chasing rumors. Deals are done when they are done and not until. I can think of plenty of times when coaches were completely sure they were the new hire, right up until the very second they weren’t. It all makes for fascinating theory, but once again reporters prove they’re better at covering themselves with gravy than glory. … I’m done for today, according to unnamed sources with access to me.

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