I was there when the NFL and the NFL Players Association approved the concept of a salary cap. At least I was covering those meetings for USA TODAY. I wasn’t a fly on the wall. But I was there when the NFL and the players ended a bitter labor dispute that started in 1987 and carried over into 1993. So I am endlessly amused now, some 10 years, a couple of labor-agreement extensions and a lockout later (in 2011), to find that NFL teams are facing cap issues in 2013. You would have to be in the Moron Club for this to happen. But remember the NFL approved the contracts the Redskins and Cowboys did going into 2011 to take advantage of the uncapped year, while penalizing them later. The league docked the Redskins a boatload of cap dollars ($32 million over two years) and the Cowboys a schooner-load, for following the rules and not collaborating in true antitrust style with the other 30 teams. How that has avoided nuking by the courts only speaks to a judiciary prejudiced to the right. Anyway, the New Orleans Saints are $21 million over the of about $121 million for 2013. The New York Jets are over, the Giants are tight, and other teams are suffering as well. The Green Bay Packers cut Charles Woodson. The Giants dumped Ahmad Bradshaw. These are not football moves. These are moves to teams motivated to save their financial bacon. Football is not the sport. Managing the cap is the sport. Football is the business (see North Dallas 40 for detailed reference).



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